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Treehouse Nursery School

Play. Learn. Grow.

Our Learning


Squirrel Nursery

In Squirrel Nursery, our morning is organised to provide a warm, nurturing environment for children aged 2-3 years. Our experienced and qualified staff will support your child with a carefully planned Early Years curriculum. This is designed to foster children's creativity, curiosity and social skills, alongside promoting their emotional and cognitive development.

Hedgehog and Rabbit Nurseries

Our Hedgehog and Rabbit Nurseries are tailored for children aged 3-4 years, providing a stimulating and safe learning environment. Our curriculum covers all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, with a healthy balance of child-initiated and adult-led learning. Children will be learning to work as a team, in small cluster groups and independently.


Badger Nursery

At Treehouse Nursery School, our Badger curriculum is designed to prepare children aged 4-5 years for a successful transition to primary school. Our experienced and qualified teachers provide a supportive and challenging learning environment. Children will be developing their mathematical and problem solving skills alongside phonics, early reading and writing activities.


Our Approach

At Treehouse Nursery School, we believe that a child's early years education is a springboard for all future learning and a quality experience should be accessible for all young children. This is why we provide fully funded places for all eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds, with no additional charges for consumables. 

Our Nursery will develop your child's strengths and confidence alongside supporting their learning in areas they find more challenging. 

What Parents Think

"My children had a wonderful time at Treehouse children's centre. I was impressed from day one with their welcoming, friendly and warm staff and their approach to fun and education alike. Working in early years myself I was amazed at how much my children grew both academically and as well rounded young people. The stories they came home with about projects and fun they had said enough for me to not hesitate to recommend this place again."

Amy M.

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